By Montana Grant

Posted: August 9, 2020

The Silver Twinkie travel trailer has taken a new step into the future. Airstream Trailers such as The Globe Trotter, International, and Caravan has now become the Basecamp style.

Airstreams trailers are known for quality and unique, solid, riveted aircraft aluminum design. After WW2, businesses used the aircraft manufacturing as a model for other construction. Canoes, aluminum boats, and trailers were introduced.

This new style offers bulletproof finishes and accessories. The price is not cheap, but the unit will be outstanding. The key is to use it. Too many RV folks buy “cheaper” fancy rigs with slide outs, huge generators, and Plasma tv’s. The best part about camping is the camp, not the satellite TV. Living comfortably with less is more.

The Basecamp series of trailers, like all the Airstream products are a great investment. You can camp comfortably and secure with this tight and beautiful rig. With reasonable and minimal care, this trailer will serve your needs for decades to come. The lightweight and simple features are more than you need to have a wonderful “rustic” campout at your basecamp!


Montana Grant

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