By Montana Grant

Posted: August 6, 2020

Montana has become Big Heat Country! Our summer temperatures are finally here, and the air conditioners are finally paying off. Most Montanans only need an AC for a few weeks each year. That time is now.

So, you are hot and sweaty and do not want to get heat stroke. Since Montana is a higher altitude, we tend to have less humidity, or moisture in the air. It is easy to get a sunburn or heatstroke. We are closer to the sun than most folks and our lily white, pale skin is vulnerable to too much direct sun.

Shade becomes a wonderful thing at this time of the year. Find it, make it, use it! Tarps, Pergolas shade canopies, and wide brimmed hats are a great help. Use sun screen and stay wet!

If you are near water, jump in or at least dip your hat or a bandanna into the water for some cool relief. Many residents go aquatic at this time of the year. Find that remote special and cool water spot and enjoy. Be sure to pick up any trash and hydrate both externally and internally.

Lawn, garden, or outside jobs require taking breaks and drinking a lot of water. I fill a water jug each morning with ice and fresh, cool water. Nothing tastes better on a hot day than a cool swig of water. Save the beer or booze for later. Alcohol will promote dehydration. Although, a cold beer in a frosty mug is a wonderful thing, later in the day.

Try other beverages like sweet tea, lemonade, or Sport Drinks such as Propel. Humans are bags of water. We feel best when we are full!

Take a swig!

Montana Grant

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