By Montana Grant

Posted: August 23, 2020

Camping is really great fun! Especially “real camping”. I am not talking about monster fifth wheels or huge RV’s that have generators and accommodations that take the fun out of real camping.

For true campers, the joy is in the simplicity of the camping. Simple shelter, food, fires, and the challenge of making your roughing it as luxurious as you can, rustically. You do need a proper tent, sleeping gear, and camp gear.

No matter how you camp, there are risks and dangers. Bad weather, snakes, bugs, heat, cold, wind, or… Good campers anticipate the risks and overcome them.

Predators in camp are a concern. No one wants to meet a bear in the middle of the night. Sadly, many of the dangers when camping come from nocturnal critters. Skunks and raccoons frequently carry rabies and can destroy your food sources. Even deer, elk, and moose can march into your camp. Many of these unwelcome guests can be prevented from getting too close.

Nocturnal critters avoid light. Try using a series of solar lights around your campsite. Todays premium solar lights will stay bright all night long. In a pinch, you can add a regular fresh battery to them for maximum performance. These lights come in strings or as single units. Remember that critters are color blind, so white light is best.

Motion detector solar lights are excellent. Most of the new solar light units contain LED lights which use virtually no energy. A motion light comes on when something is moving into your security perimeter. The motion activated light will scare the critter and alert the camper that you have a guest.

Recharge your lights during the day. If your campsite is along a shaded stream, or under a canopy of trees, move the lights where they will get the most sunlight. Maybe hang your solar shower nearby as well.

We’ll leave the light on!

Montana Grant

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