By Montana Grant

Posted: August 29, 2020

I know that my readers shared our loss of Magnum with me. German Shorthair pointers are special. Heck all our pups are special. I built a rock garden where Magnum’s ashes rest. I talk to him every time I go by. Magnum is so missed. He was an exceptional hunter and Buddy!

Dogs simply live too short of lives. 10 -15 years is all she wrote. There may be a few years more or less but… Never enough.

After the loss of Magnum, we decided that our female Shorthair/ Golden Retriever mixed dog, Shelby, need some company, as much as we do. Shelby and I have really been working out in preparation for the upcoming bird season. Down the road, another pup would be fun. She misses Magnum too.

So, after several puppy dead ends, I was able to hook up with a German Shorthaired Pointer breeder in Roundup, Montana, He had a canoe full of puppies ready to go. Both parents are hunters, and Roundup is Montana “Pheas-cock” land. The owner is also a slower hunter like me and trained his dogs to hunt close.

The price and formula seemed right so Let’s Make a Deal. The breeder has sent pictures and information. The Price is Right, so we are heading to Roundup on Saturday to pick up my new Hunting Buddy.

We will be naming him “JAG”. Sounds like Mag which was short for Magnum. “JAG” is short for Jaegerin which means Hunter in German.

Dogs teach us how to love. Folks that love all critters know what I mean. Mariah was a horse that I rode when I shot my first elk. I still miss that stout and beautiful mare. I can close my eyes and still see every dog that I have ever owned. I have their tags hooked onto my hunting coat so that I can hear their jingles when I am hunting afield.

JAG looks like MAG! I am sure that I will get them confused. One thing for sure, is that JAG will be loved.

Pheasants, grouse, sharpies, and Huns beware. Jig Jag is coming!

Montana Grant

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