By Montana Grant

Posted: August 23, 2020

Aim low when shooting downhill and high when shooting uphill, or is the other way around? Shooting up or down can be downright confusing.

If you are a tree stand hunter, all your shots will be downward angled. As the critter gets closer to your stand, you will also be aiming at a smaller target angle. My suggestion is to always “Aim at the Exit”. Consider the arrow path through the target to ensure that you impact the vitals.

Gravity impacts all shooting. This force pushes your arrow or projectile downward. This true when shooting uphill or down. The longer the range, the more critical this dynamic becomes. You also need to consider wind and other factors as the ranges increase. At truly extreme ranges, even the rotation of the Earth can become a factor.

Projectiles also rise and fall in what is called a trajectory. Arrows also flew as they leave the bow. All these factors become important when shooting up or down. One way to minimize these tricky shots is to get closer.

Gentle angles are no big deal. Steep angles require you to become a Mathematician. In this Math world, you need to think triangles, cosines, and measurable forces.

The best solution for an average, closer range, shooter, is to adjust for trajectory. This means aim low when shooting up. Adjust high when shooting down. The other thing to remember is to maintain a solid shooting stance. Your feet and body may need to adjust as well. Shooting form is always important.

For most hunters, we learn by doing. Get in a tree stand when practicing. Use portable targets to test your adjusting skills. Go into the woods and set up shooting scenarios using portable targets or flu flu arrows. Once you take the shots, it will all make sense. The last thing you want to do is take a questionable shot without practicing. The shots you take will tell the truth.

Learn by doing!

Montana Grant

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