By Montana Grant

Posted: August 1, 2020

Many archers get caught speeding. They try to shoot faster and further. Any edge is an advantage. Shooting arrows more than 300 feet per second and at ranges over 100 yards are their target.

Releases have replaced finger tabs for many shooters. This is the time of year when archers should be practicing. Many grab their compound bows and begin practicing at 65-75 lbs. of string pull. They quickly find out that their accuracy is off, and their shoulders get strained.

Start slower and lower. You need to build up muscle strength and muscle memory before going Supersonic. Most archers have a backup bow or yard sale special collecting dust. Pull that bow out and crank the power down to 55 lbs. or less. You will discover immediately how much more comfortable and fun shooting is. Fewer shafts will get launched over the fence.

Your goal is to go through the motions and remember how to shoot. Archery skills are a perishable thing. Once you get the feel back, now step up the speed. Over a few weeks, you will find the groove and speed lane that you want.

As I have aged, I have found that I am comfortable at 65 lbs. of string pull. My shaft speed is around 280 fps., using a Bowtech compound bow. Accuracy is wonderful. I use a release but shoot better instinctively with finger tabs and no sights. Each year requires more practice. You need to shoot a lot of arrows to remember how, but when the moment of truth arrives, you only need one.

Aim small, miss small.

Montana Grant

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