By Montana Grant

Posted: September 26, 2020

My apple trees yielded a good harvest. I let a few frosts sweeten up the apples and now it is time to reap the rewards. Apples are great plain, baked, and in pies or cobblers.

Every hunting camp has a sack of apples on hand. Some camp areas have trees full of apples. One of my favorite backcountry camps in the Snowy Range has 3 huge apple trees next to where the old horse corrals were. I guess some apples that were for the horses took root.

A camp favorite, every Fall, is making Baked Apples. As a young Boy Scout, we often used this as our evening dessert. It was easy to make ad hard to ruin. The warm, sweet apple tastes great on a cool evening.

Here is a simple recipe with some variations!

4 Cored apples, brown sugar, a dab of butter in each, and some mini marshmallows. Place each apple on a piece of aluminum foil and fill with the ingredients. Bring the foil around and over the apple and twist the excess into a handle stem. This serves as a great handle and reminds you which end is up. Cook over medium hot coals for about 20 minutes.

You can also make Baked Apples in a Dutch oven or using a reflector oven. You can also use an iron fry pan to cook over the fire. Just make a foil tent atop the pan.

Make the apples more special by adding other ingredients. Maybe a dash of Rum, some raisins, a slice of banana, chocolate chips, or some peanuts. Drop a couple caramel cubes into the apple for a sweet addition. Pancake syrup can sweeten up the deal.

You can also make these wonderful desserts at home in a conventional oven or on a grill. Try using a Baked Apple dish. This dish has a post in the center to hold and heat the cored apple. Serve with some whip or maybe some ice cream. Oh, and did I mention grilled peaches? Just saying…

Now that’s some kinds good!

Montana Grant

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