By Montana Grant

Posted: September 12, 2020

If your new boots are not broken in properly, your feet will pay the price. Sore toes and feet, blisters, and discomfort will speak the truth. Your hunting time will be better and more comfortable if you are not paying attention to your sore feet.

Great boots are expensive. One size does not fit all. Even if the boots are comfortable in the store, that is no guarantee that they will be comfortable afield.

When you pick a pair of hunting boots, do your homework. Cold, sweaty, rubbing, or uncomfortable feet and toes will ruin a hunt. These great boots will carry you for many miles and years if you do your homework correctly.

Human feet vary in shape and size. A size 11 foot can be many different shapes. Therefore, quality boots are made from leather and quality materials that will mold to your foots shape.

BREAK IN YOUR BOOTS BEFORE HUNTING SEASON!!! After a lifetime of hunting camps, two issues will ruin a hunt faster than anything else. Sore feet and diaper rash. Every hunter that has been to a rustic camp knows that I speak the truth. Rustic toilets, and doing their duty in the woods, is always a problem. While proper hygiene and sanitary wipes/showers will help with the diaper rash, properly broke in boots will prevent the foot issue.

Leather is the easiest boot to break in. This more natural material will stretch and shape to your foot. Start by wearing them a lot! Use the hunting socks and liners that you will hunt in. Do not be afraid to walk in the water and get the boots good and wet. Then hike away.

Applying Mink Oil or quality boot oil is also a good idea. Do this ahead of the season so that the scent will dissipate. Allow your boots to dry completely after each use. I hammer a couple sticks into the ground, in the tent near my bunk. Hang the boots on the sticks overnight. Dry your socks as well. Unscented foot spray will also help to keep your feet fresh.

Don’t become De-Feeted!

Montana Grant

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