By Montana Grant

Posted: September 6, 2020

Montana is always about change. It is at this time of the year that Doves migrate south, gardens get shut down, Elk start Bugling, rivers become less crowded, and the days get shorter.

Waking up in the dark is no fun. Vitamin D from the sun is warmth, strength, and nutritious for our bodies and environment. No matter what happens in the world, the pattern of seasonal change in Montana is imminent.

Many of us live here because of the weather. Montana does not really have a Summer. It gets hot for a few weeks in July and early August but is not really Summer. Instead, we call it Fire Season. The lack of humidity and less precipitation means that our forests and field can ignite instantly. A stray lightning bolt sparks off a disc, hot mufflers on dry grass, or a neglected campfire can spell disaster.

We do not have the humid, sweltering heat of the East coasts. Our seasons are more dramatic than the West coasts weather patterns. Our winter cold exceeds the Southwest’s hot and dry. Montana has its own ways.

The Native Peoples seemed to always know when the weather was about change. These nomadic tribes lived with nature. The air, wind, plants, rivers, and feel of Nature told them what was coming. Living outdoors allows you to just know when change is coming.

Every season is special to someone for something. Hunters love the Fall. Waking up at Hunting Camp and cresting the wild places is unsurpassed. Winter means skiing or snowmobiling. For me it is Ice Fishing. For others it is Snowbird time to migrate south. Spring is about gardens, fishing, and coming out of our caves. Summer is tourist season.

The cool Mornings and Evenings are reminding us that change is coming whether we are ready or not.

Time to look for the snow shovel!

Montana Grant

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