By Montana Grant

Posted: September 10, 2020

All hunters and fishermen need to know the limits. 5 trout, 1 bull elk, 3 male pheasants, etc. Different areas mean limit variations. It is up to the individual to know the limits.

Outdoorsmen must know Their own Limits! Limits are more than fish, meat, antlers, and feathers. Sadly, as we age, each new season is one less. Our bodies, minds, and circumstances change every season. In our minds we never grow old, but our body’s aches and pains will say different.

Our generation of companions also feel the same pain. Many once active sportsmen stop heading afield as the risks and pain grow. For those of us that still forge ahead, Know Your Limits! Finding new hunting and fishing buddies, that are in your zone is hard. After age 60, things get tough.

Even younger outdoorsmen risk accidents and issues. No one is immune to having an issue afield. Broken bones, heat or dehydration issues, snakebites, accidents, drowning, and so many other risks are found afield.

Having a trusted companion is essential when venturing outdoors. You need someone to have your back.

Make sure that you know your limits! Start with having routine health checkups. Maintain body flexibility and muscle tone with routine exercise. Know how much weight you can carry, how far you can walk, how much you can do.

If you venture alone, make sure hat you have identification on your person. That way they can identify your body.

When in doubt, DON’T!

Montana Grant

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