By Montana Grant

Posted: October 11, 2020

We have all been victims of the “Haters”. You know who I mean. The Emailers, Twitters, or Texters that always have something negative to say about everything fun or positive. They criticize a comment or bit of data, photo pose, or… Maybe we just need more friends and “commenters”.

So, a guy posts a picture of fish. “You are extending your arms toward the camera so that the fish looks bigger!” We take too many pictures of fish as it is. What the fish means to the catcher is what is most important. Give the guy a break. It is a picture of a fish.

It is true that many selfies and critter pictures are not always what they seem to be. We have all seen a picture of a big antlered critter with the hunter several feet behind it. This pose does make either the critter looks like a dinosaur or the hunter look like a midget.

Elevating a fish toward the camera or cellphone does change the size presentation. So, what. If the catch was legal and honest, who cares? Antlers look bigger if the hunter is more in the background. Every “Hater” surely has the same pictures. To the catcher, it was the biggest fish of their life!

Giving helpful comments or suggestions is not Hateful. Fishermen often have a fish in a death grip. If the fish is released it is dead. Proper Catch and Release tips are helpful. The position of a weapon in a picture is about safety. An appropriate comment fits. I hate deer and elk pictures with a bloody tongue hanging out. I often comment about that. Use a towel to clean the muzzle and stick the tongue into the mouth please. This makes for a more respectful and tasteful picture. If the picture is posted, it is now out there for all to see. Consider that before you open yourself to comments.

Harvesting fish and game is personal. Not everyone is good at tagging a critter or catching a fish. Sure, some or most harvest stories are exaggerated. I generally figure that most of these stories are 20% BS. Jealousy, greed, and competition are often the roots of most hateful comments. Anti-hunters and fish folks also spew plenty of hate. They can lay waste to your proud pictures. That is what the “EDIT” button is for.

Messing with pictures has been going on forever. Sportsmen seem to enjoy critiquing the size of most things. Stories get enhanced. Legends are born. Simply listen, laugh, and give congratulations. Just remember the next time you show off your pictures or stories that you keep that in mind.

Whether the fish, buck, or bull was huge or not really does not matter. One person’s trophy is not everyone’s trophy.

Every legally and ethically tagged critter is a trophy.

Montana Grant

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