By Montana Grant

Posted: October 8, 2020

They say that this ski season is going to be amazing! This thought is based upon the HUGE sales of Toys this summer. With so many people laid off, folks are venturing outdoors.

The idea of being in Big Sky Country has invited many tourists. Even locals seem to be camping and recreating outdoors more. RV sales have exploded. Good luck trying to buy a bicycle. Family boats, canoes, and kayaks are sold out in many stores. Golf courses and sporting clays ranges are busy.

The local rivers and lakes are stocked with crowds of people. Normally, this time of year, the crowds have dropped off. Not so In Montana. Yellowstone Park is still crowded and showing record numbers.

Many parents have given up on schools and have begun to teach their kids from home or from the campsite. The good news is that family time has become wonderful again. The Bad news is that kids are not interacting with other kids.

City folks have given up on their crowded homes. They are migrating to better and less crowded places. Traffic around Montana has taken and uptick. We are also experiencing record Covid infections thanks to Universities and Tourists. Thank goodness a vaccine is just around the corner.

Hunting ranks are also full. More archers and hunters are afield. Filling tags means filling freezers. If you can’t work, then hunt and fish. Outdoor living can be Spartan but also healthy and wonderful. Waking up to a hot cup of coffee along a lake or river tastes great. The sounds and senses of nature strengthen us.

Eventually, the Covid will fade, and we will all need to go back to work. Until then, enjoy your freedom and love for the outdoors.

Pass me another marshmallow and graham cracker please!

Montana Grant

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