Block Management Message from FWP
By angelamontana

Posted: November 10, 2020
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks shared a message from Hunting Access Coordinator, Tim Potter, Jr.:
“Please Don’t Do This!”
I hope everyone is able to get out when they can. We know it can be a little difficult with this snow!
Technicians were out and about this weekend and came upon some things that shouldn’t happen. Please, be respectful of others.
-One of my technicians came upon this gut pile in the middle of a parking area. No matter how lucky you get, please do not clean your game animals in plain view of the public. This goes for big game and upland birds. If you are going to clean your game birds on the back of your tailgate, please use a garbage sack for the innards and feathers and properly dispose of them in a waste basket. Remember to leave the applicable wing or foot depending on species of game bird you harvest.
-We still get reports of people using the sign-in box areas for bathrooms. Yes, even number 2. This is unsightly, unsanitary, and just plain wrong.
-When the snow starts melting, please be respectful when using roads. One of the most common complaints we receive from landowners is hunters that tear up roads and/or make new ones. If it’s wet out and the road is not gravel or pavement, please walk in.
-Try to leave the pens and pencils in the sign-in boxes for the next hunter! These seem to disappear quite quickly…probably unintentionally. If you do accidentally take a pen/pencil, leave one the next time!
Not only are these things disrespectful to the landowner and the public, but it is one of the many ways for hunters to lose access.
Thanks for hunting in Region 6. Please, “thank a landowner.”
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