By Montana Grant

Posted: November 22, 2020

Hunting has changed. Technology has impacted how many new or novice hunters approach the sport. Super adjustable scopes and range finders, GPS, computer maps, apps, tree cams, and a huge assortment of other new items have crowded the hunting gear market. After a new hunter buys this pack full of technology, he may have done better, and cheaper, to buy some prime meat.

Technology has made Hunters and Gatherers more gatherers than hunters. If these new techy hunters lose power or service, or signals, they are truly lost.

Ancient Hunters, and last generation hunters, were subsistence hunters. It was more about food than mounts, antlers, and bragging rights. A full belly was more important than a full wall of deer heads or photo links. Today’s hunters can still learn how to be a Real Hunter. Their inner Hunter has simply been Deleted by sophisticated gear, programs, and weaponry.

There are still traditional hunters around, in the Cloud, today. Finding one of these wise, experienced hunters is a great way to be mentored. For many of these hunting veterans, teaching and sharing is part of their Hunting philosophy. Great hunters want to leave a legacy of being an ethical and sporting hunter.

At some point, Hunters will be Deleted. Technology will take over the hunter’s basic skills. Fair Chase will be lost as technology makes hunting unfair. You can already see this when violators use drones, automatic feeders, heat, and night vision, etc. In time, technology will allow you to see ariel views and special ops style programming to locate and ambush wild game with a super laser weapon. Political and Environmental agendas will ultimately kill hunting. We are maybe one or two generations from no more hunting seasons.

Program yourself to try primitive weapon hunting. Using a muzzle loader, wooden bow and arrow, or other old school weapons forces you to discover your true inner hunter. The rewards are greater and certainly cheaper.

Aim small, miss small!

Montana Grant