By Montana Grant

Posted: November 7, 2020

Covid 19 had turned our lives upside down. We are all sick from being cooped up wearing facemasks and washing the skin off our hands. This Pandemic is taking the life out of us outdoors folks. Its time we practiced healthy activities in some different ways.

Social Distancing is easy outdoors! If you are deer hunting, you may be 12 feet in the air sitting in a tree stand. If you are fishing, you rarely have others close to you. Just being outdoors means fresh air and no crowds.

Years ago, I fished with a guy that was a French Foreign Legionnaire. He always wore a Face mask due to the sun. He would have been fine with any Covid facemask restrictions. We fished from bow to stern in drift boats and canoes that were 17 feet long, and apart. On shore, a rods length determined our distancing.

Outdoors means wind, open space, and less chance of contacting any Covid Cooties! You can certainly wear a bandanna or facemask, but the odds of getting sick are slim.

If you are not a hunter or fisherman, you can find other ways to Social Distance outdoors. Maybe do some gardening. Prepare for winters cold by cutting firewood. Jog, walk, or bike. Snow offers plenty of other ways to stay away from crowds.

I am sure that all of you have many other ideas that you can add to your Social Distancing strategies. The key is to stay healthy and happy!

Montana Grant

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