By Montana Grant

Posted: December 13, 2020


With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to think about special gifts to give. Sure, it is easy to give a Gift Card, but there are so many other great ideas that keep on giving!

Years ago, I was trying to come up with some gift ideas. The boy next door was special and needed more than a Gift Card. I went through my gear closet and found an old vest and other gear to give away. It was accompanied with a few gift cards that offered a couple Guided fishing trips. Not only did he now have some gear, but he also had a mentor.

The most precious gift that others often desire is time spent together. Whether you are in a boat, on a shoreline, or just being friends, these relationships are priceless.

If you think that you are a “Master Fisherman”, teach someone else to do what you do. Now you will truly discover the type of fisherman that you are. Many of my greatest Fishing Mentors shared their secrets, tips, and time with me with the understanding that I would gift it forward.

Fishing gifts are easy. Maybe try some videos, magazine subscriptions, Framed fish pictures, or some gear. Fishermen never have enough gear. Fishing hats, shirts, rods, boots, lures, hooks and sinkers, the list never ends.

You can also get your friends a fishing license! The great thing about a license, magazine, or fishing trip coupons is that they last all year.

Tight lines and bent rods!

Montana Grant

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