By Montana Grant

Posted: December 3, 2020

An ice sled allows the angler more comfort and mobility. Carrying a bucket or a sack full of gear is too much work. It also prevents you from using a walking stick or keeping your balance. The sled is an easy make for even the poorest craftsman. It is fun to improvise and create what you need.

I am in the process of making a shorter sled, with higher sides. Lots of custom features. You will see it next week.

Your Custom Ice Sled provides,

Seating    add a foam pad so you can fish seated and comfortable.

Bucket Hole    cut a hole into your sled top to store the bucket. Your assorted gloves, gear, and snacks can be in the bucket. A Zip Spin lid makes taking the lid off easy. You can also buy or make a half lid which allows for access and seating.

Auger Carry    You can easily carry your auger, drill, or ice hole gear. Build your sled around the auger storage. A full-length auger means you need a sled 5-6 feet long. Augers can also be anchored atop the sled top.

Rod Storage    Carry the rigged rods in PVC cut tubes. Now you can pre-rig your gear and do not need to tie knots when you break a fish off, or a rod malfunction.

Smooth Sliding    Make your pull rope longer than the sled. This will help you pull the sled more easily.

Safety    If someone goes through the ice, your sled could be a valuable tool to rescue the. The longer rope allows you to slide the sled towards them. You can always add more rope. I also carry a throw rope/jug just in case.  If someone falls and is injured. Throw them onto the sled for extraction.

Customize     Your sled can contain places to stick lures, cans or trays for storage to hold bait or … Make your sled unique with a nifty paint job. Place a handle or two along the sides to help load and unload.

High Sided sleds can serve double duty.    Build your Ice Sled so that with just 4 screws, you can take the unit out of the sled. Now you can use the sled to haul camp gear, firewood, critters or…

Whatever you do for your sled, you will discover that you are more organized and mobile. Having everything in one place makes life on the ice cooler and simpler. It is true that Ice Shanties that fold up can have a sled attached. You still need to have the rest of your gear. I do not fish in a shanty. If it is that cold and miserable, I stay home and chill!

Get Ice Hole ready!

Montana Grant

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