By Montana Grant

Posted: December 27, 2020

You may remember my past postings about my hunting dog Magnum. He was on point until the end. Magnum died of cancer several months ago and was replaced by a new pup named Jag! This name is based on remembering Magnum and the German word for hunter, Jager.

Losing your best hunting buddy is no easy task. Even the best dogs only live a decade or so. When they cross the Rainbow Bridge, it is a hard journey. To help with the sadness, you need to get a new Buddy. I found a new German Shorthaired Pointer in Roundup, Montana. The breeder, James Crane, was amazing in helping me to fill the hole lost.

When I sent him pictures of how Jag was progressing, he kept saying, “take him hunting!” Jag was a pup in mid-July and now was the time to head out. We went along standing wheat and thick grass. The new pup loved dancing and prancing through the grass. Jag stayed close and was always in gun range. What a joy.

Jag looks like Mag. I called him by the wrong name several times, but it was close enough. Finally, as we walked in the snow, I noticed some fresh pheasant tracks. Suddenly, Jag was on point! I did not have a pheasant wing on a string in the back yard. This was the real deal. I took out my cell phone and took a picture. In truth, the tracks looked more “hen like” than “Cockbirdish”. Still, I was gun ready.

After I took a picture, I was back on the gun and commanded Jag to flush the bird. He was frozen! I moved closer and suddenly a hen took flight! He surprised both of us! Jag was thrilled. He had just opened his first gift on Christmas morning!

We look forward to many more to come!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him and Jag still shaking at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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