By Montana Grant

Posted: December 26, 2020

The light is at the end of the tunnel. Our new vaccines are in play and “normality” will soon return. What does this mean for hunters and fishermen?

Since the world has shut down, quarantined, and turned off, hunters and fishermen have flocked afield. With more time due to layoffs, lost jobs, and … sportsmen have spent time being Sportsmen. Hunters and Gatherers have been busy!

Soon, this will change. Time lost working will need to be made up. This means that every paying hour and opportunity will become due. Sportsmen will prioritize family needs and expenses over fun and “Free” time.

In a “normal world”, working harder, and longer, is “normal”. Overtime means more bucks of the financial kind. Lost wages and jobs mean it will be time to make up for lost time, opportunity, and pay the bills.

This summer Yellowstone Park, and many other open spaces, were flooded with visitors. If you cannot work, then play! Playtime will soon be over. Campers quarantined in Big Sky Country. If the choice becomes taking a vacation trip or making top dollar, what would you choose?

There will be a decrease in reservations for guided trips, campsites, tourist visits, and other non-essential trips. Opening Day for paying the bills and making a buck will become the priority.

For retired folks and free spirits, the rivers, forests, and open spaces will become less crowded. Even international pressures will be less since other countries will behind the curve on vaccines and opportunity. This is good and bad news. Celebrate the holidays and what makes America Great, but soon it will be time to Make America Great again.

Montana Grant

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