By Montana Grant

Posted: December 12, 2020


Angling can quickly become Tangling! Fishing line always finds a way to make knots, bird nests, or snags. Dealing with these issues means time lost fishing.

Line control begins on the reel. Many reels have a small clip that is supposed to clamp the fine line in place. Good luck. The bail and other reel parts are in the way. Not all spools pop off easily. Old eyes and fat fingers make using this clip almost impossible.

Reel Rubbers are an alternative for keeping your line safe and under control. First, find an old bicycle tire inner tube. Bike stores will often give you an old used one. Now cut the tubes in rubber bands. Make the width the size of your spool. Now you can simply cover the line, on the spool. Problem solved.

Using colored line also helps. Line we can see makes for better control. Lines can be red, yellow, orange, or green. I the add a small barrel swivel to the line, or a blood knot, to attach clear Fluorocarbon tippet. If you can see the line, you can clip it or secure it. You can also see more bites!

Reel Rubbers are also good for holding line when fishing. You can cast out your bait and place the rod onto a holder. Now open your bail and slip a loop of line under the reel Rubber, that is on the front of the rod handle. You are now free spooling. When a fish takes your bait, they will pull the line free and not feel any resistance. Now you can deal wit the fish when ready.

Tight and secure lines!

Montana Grant

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