Wolf down: Helterline did it AGAIN!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 23, 2020

Dan Helterline, from Plains, is not just a Montana sportsman.  I mean, yes, he does trap, he does hunt and he does fish, but he isn’t the type of guy that just goes out when he can.  Since he “retired” (I use that term loosely because he still helps out when he can, and the guy just doesn’t sit still!) from the Forest Service as a smokejumper, Helterline has been living the Montana dream. At least, it is my Montana dream.  Well, he was probably born living the dream, as he has multiple generations of Helterlines from Montana.  He is the region’s most successful wolf trapper, and he tags out every year.  Let’s just say, a week into the season, he is off to a good start!  If you are down-to-earth, care about conserving our wildlife through management (including predators) and  have a sense of humor, you will like Dan. To know him is to like him. If you don’t like Dan, then, personally, you’re most likely an anti-sportsman type of person.  He is passionate about wildlife conservation and is on the board of the Montana Trappers Association and Montana Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife in his “spare” time.  He even hosts a class every year to share his knowledge with wolf trappers and hunters.  Also, as you can see from this video below, he is quite entertaining!

So, a monstrous congratulations to my husband’s and my friend, Mr. Dan Helterline, for kicking off the season successfully!  Good luck to catching more Black Betties!  We need some more singing in hunting, trapping and fishing videos.

Who wants to bet that Dan won’t tag out this year?  I am totally betting that he does.