2021 TO DO!!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: January 10, 2021

Yesterday, I washed my truck! It was filthy. Ice fishing and hunting left its marks. The weather was warm, sunny, and perfect truck washing conditions. My neighbor warned me about washing my truck during a Montana Winter. “Did you ever think that you would be washing your truck in January?”

Today it snowed! Welcome to Montana. Under a few inches of snow, there is a clean truck. Perhaps the snow will slide off more easily since the crud and grit is gone. My wife’s car is still clean and shiny in the garage. The truck won’t fit since there is a wheeler, work bench, saw, and other important stuff taking up the space.

Maybe I need to reorganize the assorted gear. I could build a mobile work bench that could be rolled around. I enjoy working on projects during the Winter. Recently I finished an Ice Fishing sled. Other projects are ongoing. Repairing other hunting and fishing gear is ongoing. Preparation for lawn and garden projects is underway.

A new Garage heater helps me to stay warm when in the garage. Now my paint and liquids won’t freeze. The freezers and fridges operate perfectly now. I look forward to spending time in my new all-season garage.

I gave the Finger to Montana Weather and washed my truck. She dumped snow onto me!

My clean and shiny truck sure looks good covered in snow!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him shoveling snow at www.mmontanagrantfishing.com.

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