A guided wolf trapping “first”
By angelamontana

Posted: January 18, 2021

We all know that Dan Helterline is a notorious wolf trapper in our region.  He hammers the wolves every year.  Well, Helterline is a licensed guide, and Diggs is a client of Cody Carr’s Hunting Adventures out of Plains. Helterline has been taking clients out and showing them the ropes on how to trap these pesky canines.  You may recall an article on MontanaOutdoor.com where he took William Diggs out on a trapline recently, and Diggs was successful. (Click here)

Things have changed since that post last week!  Diggs is the first person to get two wolves in one week on a guided trapline adventure trip, PLUS a bonus coyote and fox!

Helterline and Diggs spent two long days cutting out roads after the big wind storm.  Diggs said it truly was an adventure!

Way to go, guys!!!