bait shop struggling

Montana bait shop struggling to stay open
By angelamontana

Posted: January 26, 2021

bait shopA friend of the Captain’s whom is also an avid MORS follower sent us information about the future of Big Al’s Bait Shop in Lothair, MT.  The business is sadly facing an uncertain future.

Big Al Larson owns a bait shop just off Tiber Reservoir. He’s a good guy who is working hard to keep minnows available for fishermen, and he sells them night and day from his shop. He’s always been there for people and gives good, current ice reports on Tiber.

With the poor ice fishing conditions this season, Larson is in a real fix and faces possibly having to shut down his operation and turn the pumps off, which would be bad for all those who purchase from him. So, even though times are tough for many with the pandemic, if you are able to help a fellow angler and local business owner in any way, his customers, friends and family are hoping to be able to be able to help keep the doors open.

Here is the description on the GoFundMe page:

Big Al’s Bait is a small local business in Lothair, Montana that is struggling to stay afloat between the weather and covid it has hit us really hard this year. We opened several years ago because there was such a need for the fisherman to be able to get live bait here at Lake Elwell better known as Tiber. It has been a great joy meeting and supplying bait but now we are in need of some help to keep this bait shop going with bills coming in and no bait going out it is becoming stressful as well as painful trying to make the decision to stay open or not anything you can do to help will go into the business to keep it open.

Click here if you would like to help this Montana small business out with a donation.