Gallatin Search and Rescue completes two weekend missions, rescues one woman seriously injured
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: January 24, 2021
At 3:30 pm on Saturday January 23, a 26-year-old man and a 40-year-old man got their snowmobiles stuck in the backcountry on the Two Top trail system about 8 miles southwest of West Yellowstone. Both men were unsure of their exact location, but were able to walk to a location with cell service. From this location, they were able to send a GPS location showing where they were.
Emergency responders from Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue met the two lost snowmobilers at the GPS location provided. SAR volunteers loaded the two on the back of the rescue sleds and drove them to their stuck snowmobiles. Team members were able to find the stuck sleds and free them. All SAR members and the rescued party were able to ride out on their own snowmobiles. No injuries were reported.
At 11:16 AM on Saturday, January 23, a 64-year-old woman crashed her snowmobile while snowmobiling on the Two Top trail system about 12 miles southwest of West Yellowstone. The snowmobiler was stopped when another snowmobile crashed into the back of her snowmobile, sending her snowmobile down an eight-foot embankment, and she was launched over the handlebars, sustaining rib, back, femur & wrist injuries.
Emergency responders from Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue reached the patient on snowmobiles. After a quick patient assessment, they requested a medical helicopter to respond due to the severity of her injuries. The female was placed on a backboard and loaded into a specialized snow ambulance, then transported about ¾ mile to a safe landing zone for the helicopter.

Air Methods

out of Idaho Falls responded, landing in the backcountry. The patient was loaded onto the helicopter and transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.