American eel erupts from blue heron’s belly
By angelamontana

Posted: February 18, 2021

Apparently, 2020 was a weird year for this blue heron, too:

A blue heron was flying over the Delaware shoreline when, suddenly, an American eel erupted from its gut. In photos captured by Sam Davis, an engineer from Maryland, the eel can be seen dangling off the bird like a fat necktie. After escaping the blue heron’s belly, the daring eel may have survived — but only if it fell in or near water that was salty enough. The heron likely lived to fly another day, despite this gut-wrenching encounter.

So, make sure your eel is 1) not alive when you eat it and 2) make sure you don’t eat one big enough to bust through your belly.  This article was originally posted back in November of last year, and we felt it worthy to share in case you decide to eat eel….and go for a quick flight.

Photo credit: © Sam Davis