Report tagged and Arctic Grayling angler catches online
By angelamontana

Posted: February 15, 2021

Report your tagged catches to MTFWP.  The data you submit, which can be conveniently reported online, is analyzed and used to enhance help Montana fisheries.

Biologists use information from tagged fish for a wide range of information. Tagged fish can help track seasonal movements of fish, habitat use, growth, angler harvest rates, among other things. Using fish tags are also a relatively inexpensive way to learn more about our fisheries. Anglers are encouraged to submit the catch information for any tagged fish that they catch. In some cases a fish may be tagged with a reward tag, which might cover the expenses for your fishing trip!

If you catch a tagged fish, please report online below or download a form and mail to any Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks office:

FWP is also requesting that you report any Arctic Grayling angler catches.

“FWP has been reintroducing Arctic grayling in many southwestern Montana rivers. The information you provide below will help FWP evaluate the success of the reintroduction efforts. Thank you for your help.”

We have easy access for you by clicking the button below.