By Montana Grant

Posted: February 18, 2021

Modern windmills that produce electricity can save the day! They work great if the wind blows. If you live in Livingston, or the Paradise Valley of Montana, windmills may provide energy most of the time.

Guiding fishing clients along the Yellowstone River proves my point. Several times, the wind was blowing upriver. It was so strong that I had to grab a rope and tow the drift boat. At one point, we just had to wait until it died down. Anyone that has boated Montana Rivers, knows I am not a Blowhard. Wind is not always a fishermen’s or boater’s friend.

As a supplemental energy source, wind power can be helpful. It is just not always available. You can charge batteries to store the generated power. Wind can blow 24 hours a day. Maybe you also have Solar Panels that will help when the sun shines. Water wheels work well too, until they freeze.

The real challenge will come when the temps drop below zero, and the overcast skies allow less light. Oh, and then everything gets buried in snow. This is when you need an Energy Backup for sure. Maybe coal or wood stoves. Perhaps natural gas or oil heat. If you are off the grid, this may be your only salvation. Electricity is a challenge during cold weather.

Recently we saw what happens when public energy companies become reliant on alternative energy such as wind and solar, they fail. The expenses are so high that more traditional energy generators get shut down or neglected.

Giant windmills are eyesores. Green Energy Czar John Kerry voted against them when they were planned off his ocean shore property. A HUGE impervious cement base is required to anchor each windmill. The turbines require oil to operate. The blades wear out and cannot be recycled. They bury them instead. Birds die by the thousands trying to navigate these awful fans. Public land becomes No Trespassing areas. The units must be cleaned with distillates, which become airborne and spill. These turbines must be shut off during extreme weather conditions, to prevent damage.

The Science for Solar and Wind power is not here yet. At best, it is experimental. Before we breach al of the dams, shut down the Nuclear power plants, and eliminate fossil fuels, we better have a real, reliable alternative. If electric cars become the craze, our electric grid will not be able to support the demands.

Don’t change your socks until you have a clean pair!

Montana Grant

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