By Montana Grant

Posted: March 14, 2021

Lacy McClintock is a real Steelhead Hen! Thanks to her Beau mentor, Guide, and Fiancé Eric Wilcox, she has become the Queen of Steelheads! This is no easy task for any Angler.

Lacy fishes the waters of the Clearwater in Idaho. Her fishing Buddy has great fishing skills that he has shared with many. Fishing is a sport that brings people together. The magic of drifting, casting, studying the waters, and catching a fish makes fishermen and women happier and stronger.

There is never just one thing that makes us Better fishermen. There are the knots, gear, presentation, and so much more. It’s kind of like life. We learn the most when we get snagged or lose a big fish, or opportunity.

Finding a wonderful fishing partner is tougher than finding a wonderful husband or wife. Netting both at once is amazing. Fishing is often something that men and women do apart. They need to escape the stresses of a relationship, work, or life. Fishing has a way of healing and giving us strength.

Lacy’s recent Hen Steelie is a result of a season of hook ups, lost fish, slow days, and a huge learning curve. Each trip is a bit easier and better as she learns more and becomes more confident. Big, strong fish are a symbol of survival. They travel from fresh to salt water and back again. They navigate dams, predators, disease, pollution, and other dangers.

Hens, like Lacy, tackle the journey, risks, and all. At the end of each day, there is a new story, lesson learned, and friend made.

Tight lines!

Montana Grant

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