Person takes a hunter’s shot deer
By angelamontana

Posted: March 23, 2021

MORS follower, Greg Bartlett sent this to us last season of what not to do while you’re out trying to tag some meat.

This is probably a long shot. But I’d like to throw out a big thank you to the terrific “Hunter”???. who (while I was walking back to get my truck which was 5.5 miles away, and letting the whitetail I shot and tracked for 4.5 miles west of Seeley Lake–that crossed the west side bypass and walked into the Game Preserve, lay down and expire) stopped his busy day of road hunting when he saw the blood trail…go into the woods with his little sled and steal my deer that I tried so hard not to let go to waste.

Have you ever seen an animal that was already shot by another hunter and tagged it yourself, or has that or something similar ever happened to you?

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