By Montana Grant

Posted: May 13, 2021

OMG, does this delicious or what? Most fishermen will be happy as they can be with this recipe. Truth is that this simplicity is what a fried fish is all about!

We all have too many fish in our freezer. It is time to thaw them out and enjoy. Even older fish will taste great using this recipe.

Use filets from any kind of fish. Place the filets in a glass dish and cover in beer. Now, I know this is hard, but it is also worth it. The beer is not wasted.

Allow the fish to marinate for 6 or more hours. Overnight is fine. Drain and use the beer to mix pancake batter or Jiffy Mix. Keep the batter thin. Drip off pieces of salted and peppered filets. I use Old Bay seasoning. Fry until brown and delicious.

Allow the cooked filets to rest and drain on paper towels. You can use whatever oil you like but the Blood Orange infused Olive Oil is amazing.

Make a homemade Tartar Sauce and enjoy! This recipe is Some Kinda Good!

Montana Grant