By Montana Grant

Posted: May 30, 2021

We have all slow fishing days. No matter what we try, the fish seem to cancel us out! We tend to blame the weather, Barometric Pressure, too few fish, too many fishermen, etc. The truth is that a fish has to eat!

The next time you are getting Skunked, dig a bit deeper into your memories of fishing tricks. You know the ones that I mean. Think about what you did different that caught fish. Think out of the fly box and consider a new strategy.

Years ago, I was fishing a lake using bait. As soon as the fish hit, and felt any resistance, they would spit out the hook. If I held the rod, they did not bite. We did not have Power Bait back in the day, so the bait of the day was Velveeta Cheese.

Thinking that the weight was the problem, I added a slip sinker instead of a clip-on weight. The weight stopped by a small barrel swivel. Next, I placed the rod on a forked stick so that I could see the line. To see the bite, I squeezed a mud ball on the line between the middle rod guides. The weight of the mud ball dangled down securely. Now I could see the bite when the mud ball dropped or raised. When I saw the mudball magic, I grabbed the rod and set the hook.

This trick has served me well on windy days and picky nibble times. With a sharp hook, keen eye, and quick reaction time, this trick saved many days.

I have also seen guys using looped bobbers, broken sticks, and other similar tricks. The key is that when you hook up, the mud ball or stick falls away and prevents tangles. Bobbers and other affixed indicators need to slide or slip so you can reel in the Lunkers!

Go with what you have had success and confidence in!

Montana Grant