By Montana Grant

Posted: June 27, 2021


Fishermen, boaters, and beach goers often need a refreshing pick me up during the hot summer days on the water. Here’s a great, healthy, sweet treat that the whole crew will enjoy.

Sailors often got Scurvy, for lack of vitamin C. Lemons are full of healthy vitamins and sweetness to help energize the crew and sweeten their dispositions. It would also do wonders for their Pirate Breath!

Years ago, I remember attending a Flower Festival at Mt Vernon Park, in Baltimore. My Mom would always treat me to a lemon/ peppermint stick snack. The vendor made them fresh and served them out of an ice chest. This simple snack was inexpensive, healthy, and tasty.

Originally, the peppermint sticks were made by a local candy company, that is since out of business. The stick needed to be porous enough so you could squeeze the lemon and suck the juice through the stick, like a straw. The sour flavor of the lemon evened out when mixed with the peppermint sugar. Lemon Sticks are refreshing and wonderful on a hot day when in a boat, on the beach, or at a picnic.

Since 1919, Bob’s Sweet Stripes, peppermint sticks have used the same recipe. They are only 50 calories a stick and can be ordered off Amazon. King Leo Peppermint sticks are also available and come in a can. Both work well with lemons. They cost less than $7 for a big sack full.

You can get a sack of lemons on the cheap from Costco, or local grocers. When I have prepared these treats for a church or school event, I was able to make a deal for lemons by the case. If you run out of peppermint sticks, you can make fresh lemonade. Kids love these unique and different snacks.

To prepare a Lemon stick treat, simply cut the washed, cool, lemons in half, width wise. I then use a small paring knife to remove the core and any seeds. Usually an x-shaped cut will do the trick. Serve the lemon in a paper cup cake wrapper, or with a paper towel. You can display a batch in a cupcake pan or egg carton. If the customer still has a decent piece of peppermint stick, simply shove it into a fresh lemon.

Have a mulch pail available where the folks can dispose of their squeezed, and juice free remains. These can make for wonderful mulch. Have some wet wipes on hand for a quick clean up.

Celebrate Summer with this sweet and sour goodie!

Montana Grant