By Montana Grant

Posted: June 12, 2021

Flat tires are a deflating experience! Nothing will blow your day faster than an exploding boat trailer tire. These adventures often happen remotely, inconveniently, and when you least want them too! This will be right next to Hell!

On a fishing trip to the Missouri River, Dr. Joe and I had a long, hot day. It was time to go home and relax. As we travelled through road working barriers and cones, I noticed a wobble in the drift boat trailer tire. BOOM!

We were flat tired, on the rim, and in the middle of road construction. The perfect way to ruin the trip. Dr. Joe had just bought brand new tires. They were mounted professionally, and this was their first trip. Too bad they were the wrong size. With some problem solving, searching for the tools, and modifications, we managed to get back on the road.

Even with attention and proper care, boat trailers will manage to fail. If you neglect them, it’s a guarantee. Smaller tires spin faster, get hotter, and degrade more quickly. 3 years is an old boat trailer tire and yet many guides I know have had the same tires on their trailer for a decade.

Many of the tire adventures can be avoided with routine inspections. Look for cracks, nails, tears, cupping, gashes, and low air pressure. You will rarely wear out the tread on a trailer tire. Usually, the sidewalls will dry out, crack, and giveaway first. Dirt and rough roads often lead to punctures.

Always keep the air pressure per tire specifications. Too much air, or too little will lead to problems. While you are checking the tires, check the spare also. Carry the needed tools to do the job. I also pack a small piece of plywood to help create a flat space to place the jack. Some extra pieces of wood can help elevate the jack as needed. A piece of blanket or a tire also helps. Collapsible safety cones or reflectors, placed down the road, will warn oncoming traffic. An air gauge and a air pump may come in handy.

Don’t forget to check the bearings. Having tire covers will protect the tires from the sun damage that is inevitable.

Wheely pay attention to your tires!

Montana Grant