Hot Weather and Hot Fishing on the Beaverhead by Frontier Anglers 6.29.21
By angelamontana

Posted: June 30, 2021

We are fortunate to have the Beaverhead River in our backyard.  The trout producing tailwater is firing on all cylinders with cold water from Clark Canyon Dam downstream to the diversion at Barretts.  The PMD hatches are getting more dense every day and the dry fly fishing is getting better as well.  The PMD and Yellow Sally hatches will build in magnitude as the month of July settles in.  Expect to see plenty of company as the Beaverhead is an oasis of cool water in the middle of an epic drought with a heat wave thrown in.  It’s best to show some tolerance of other anglers while acting in an ethical manor.  Don’t anchor your boat in the middle of the river, it’s lazy and disrespectful to the river and the other anglers on the water.

Now is not the time to fish our area freestones, we are seeing 76 degree water temps on the Big Hole and Jefferson this afternoon.  The long days of late June are not allowing the water to cool down at night.  Things could get worse in the days ahead.  Hoot owl restrictions have already been placed on the Jefferson and a full closure is in place on the headwaters of the Big Hole.  Please check the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website for updates on restrictions in the days and weeks ahead.  We have stopped doing any guide trips on the two rivers until conditions improve.

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