By Montana Grant

Posted: June 13, 2021

Cranking in your boat onto a trailer can take some muscle. Most winches have a short handle and rusty set of gears. We have all busted our knuckles when cranking up our boats. Power winches make life easier but sometimes fail.

Here is a way to double up your winch power and speed up the loading process. This trick will reduce the energy needed to work the winch.

Hook yourself up with a 1-inch pulley. You can find a narrow one for a cable or a wide one for a flat strap. Thread the rope or strap through the pulley. Some pulleys have a side plate that will lift open for easy access.

Attach the pulley to the boats bow eye hook, then back to the winch post. You can do this when the boat is halfway onto the trailer. This is when things get heavy. The boat is already half on the trailer and half in the water.

The mechanical advantage of the pulley and 2 attachments will make the final loading easier complete. It will take twice as many cranks to move the boat, but the effort will be way easier.

Avoid the pain and strain!

Montana Grant