By Montana Grant

Posted: July 5, 2021


The great thing about fish is how many ways you can enjoy it. How you prepare a fish will determine how healthy the fish is. If you fry the fish in oil, it tends to have more fat and oils in it. Broiled is fast and less calories. Baked fish makes for a different and healthy meal. Sushi is just Raw!

When cooking anything, presentation is important. We see and smell the food before we taste it.

One of my friends said how they hate to eat fish. The only fish that they will eat is a McDonalds fish filet sandwich, which all of us would question as to its quality or true identity. Recently Subway sandwich stores had their “tuna” fish DNA tested. NO tuna was found in their tuna. A Filet o Fish sandwich should not represent the entire fish menu.

When he came over for dinner, I made burgers. He said that he loved burgers and Crab Cakes. Isn’t Crab a shellfish? Anyway, I thought that I would change up the fish presentation.

Montana Grant Fish Burgers

a couple pounds of fish filets

1 small onion diced

1 egg

2 cups of plain breadcrumbs. I have also used rolled oats.

Old Bay seasoning

1 cup of oil, or butter

I ground the fish filets and mixed with the diced onions. Next, I added the egg and half of the breadcrumbs. Put in your spices and mix. Now shape into patties. Now roll the fish in the remaining breadcrumbs as a coating. Place the burgers in the hot oil and fry for a couple minutes.

You can also add other herbs and spices to make this recipe your own. Burgers require a decent bun. Toasting the bun makes it even better. Place a slice of cheese onto the bun and top with the burger. The hot burger will melt the cheese and help the patties stick to the bun. Try a Havarti slice of cheese for something different. Top the fish burger with some fresh tomato and tartar sauce. A slice of pickle never hurts.

You can also stuff the fish burger into a Pita bread pocket. Less mess and can be eaten with one hand so you can fish with the other!

Everyone ate every bite! My friend bragged about how he never had a crab cake with such a fine texture. He had no clue that the burger was fish!

Burger appetite!

Montana Grant

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