By Montana Grant

Posted: July 11, 2021

The other day I was cleaning an antique mirror. While I was looking into it, I thought about how many faces that it reflected over the years. The antique is from the late 1700’s, so I am sure that a lot of folks primped and smiled into the glass.

Trout streams, lakes, and ponds are the same way. Before mirrors, native peoples and pioneers would gaze into the water and enjoy the view. For the wildlife, these water reflections may have been the only way they ever saw themselves.

Some people may think that mirror reflections are best for a horror film or fairy tale. I like to think about all the smiles that the mirror enjoyed.

People usually make a silly face as they look at their reflection. They need to fix their lipstick, or hair. Maybe they have something in their teeth. Some people never pass up a reflection of themselves.

It is fun to gaze into water, when looking for fish. In an instant, you can look at a fish, and then yourself. I wonder if bears and critters look at themselves when they are getting a drink.

So, since fish live in the mirror, or water, do they ever get to see themselves?

Montana Grant