By Montana Grant

Posted: August 5, 2021

Scientists have become concerned over the declining bird populations. Millions of birds are no longer around. Blame can be placed in many areas but, we need to figure this out before our bird populations crash. It is recommended that we curb our bird feeding habits.

It is never just one thing that impacts a population. Predators, chemicals, avian diseases, weather, windows, car strikes, the list goes on. What is for sure, is that birds are in trouble.

Wild game populations, that are hunting may be doing better than ever. Waterfowl flocks are up, Turkey flocks are growing, other managed bird populations are doing fine.

It appears that avian flus are of greater concern. These diseases are spread when birds become concentrated. Bird feeders are a point of concentration. It is suggested that folks stop feeding birds during times of plenty. Spring through Fall offer plenty of food. Many birds migrate to healthier places during the Winter.

If you feed birds heavy, year around, the birds become reliant on your bird buffet. The problem is that the birds can easily spread disease and parasites when stacked on your backyard feeder. Bird predators also become conditioned to shop/ prey at your feeder. If you forget to reload your feeders, the birds may quickly starve to death. If you feed, keep the feeder full.

Wet, damp, or moldy bird food can kill a bird. Keep your food dry and healthy. A mixed blend of seeds and oily sunflower seeds is a great way to stock your feeder. You may end up with plenty of starter

Not just birds will visit your free buffet. Deer, bears, and other critters will learn to visit your feeders. For many critters, this is a death wish. A fed deer is a dead deer! Traveling into neighborhoods where traffic is a danger, exposure to aggressive pets, and the same nose to nose spread of disease are all reasons to avoid feeding.

Watching birds is great fun. If you plan to feed during the Winter, consider the types of birds that you are targeting. Different seeds, suet, or foods are better for certain birds. Placing a feeder too close to windows is an accident waiting to happen. Binoculars can give you a great close-up view.

Don’t use your feeder to invite a Super Spreader event!

Montana Grant