Bitterroot Fishing Report by The Kingfisher 8.31.21
By angelamontana

Posted: August 31, 2021

With the smoke gone and the temperatures dropping, the Bitterroot has really turned the corner. Hecubas, tricos, PMDs, and BWOs have all been coming off throughout the day. Bring some rusty spinners, parachute adams, BWO sparkle duns, purple hazes, purple roosters, and trico spinners to cover all your bases today. If for whatever reason they’re not playing ball, bring some pheasant tails, perdigons, duracell jigs, sunken spinners, sunken ants, and big green machines till they’re ready to look up for dries. Hopper fishing has also been pretty darn good! Rotate through hopper colors until you find the flavor they prefer.  If you’re looking for some bigger fish, tossing a streamer through the deeper runs can be very effective. If the conditions are right, the caddis hatch in the evening has been very good. Using Soft hackles in the surface film on the swing can be deadly, even if the main hatch hasn’t really gotten going yet. When they do, use an elk hair or Swisher’s dancing caddis on top and in tandem for your best luck.

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