By Montana Grant

Posted: August 5, 2021

For many of us outdoorsmen and women, fishing hunting, boating, camping, hiking, or enjoying the outdoors, helps to maintain our sanity! We have all had jobs, bosses, and stressful issue that need attention. A big prescription of outdoor fun often fits the bill.

Fishing is simply amazing. The sounds, feel, and beauty of waters is wonderful. When I fish , I think about fishing. Nothing else is on my find except where I am and what I am doing.

Hunting is the same way. Few people get to enjoy a sunrise or sunset afield. Traveling to a stand in the dark and leaving after the sun sets could be a long day. Honestly, when you develop patience, you wonder where the time went. With this attitude, eventually you will tag out.

Camping outdoors is also therapeutic. The Night Music is the perfect white noise to give you a relaxing sleep. I once filled an entire cassette tape with the sounds of the Madison River, at Raynold’s Pass. When I couldn’t sleep, I turned on the river.

Saltwater is also wonderful. As Scoutmaster of a Bozeman BSA troop, we went to Pacific Ocean where one of the oldest Scout Camps was located. Camp Parsons was a great place for the boys to get their water merit badges. Many had never left Montana, let alone tasted salt water. Their skin cleared up, and their heads exploded with new knowledge and outdoor healing.

Shooting sports also is invigorating! The smell of gunpowder and hitting the target is confidence building. Pulling a trigger on a weapon is so empowering. After a bad day, plinking cans can be a great way to recharge.

It’s easy to be a Couch Potato, watch the Boob Tube, or spend your life beached like a whale. Stay active and celebrate every opportunity to head outdoors. You snooze you lose!

I feel better already!

Montana Grant