By Montana Grant

Posted: August 28, 2021

S’mores would taste good if you baked them in an old shoe. They have all the important food groups in them, chocolate, Graham crackers, marshmallows, oh and did I mention Chocolate? For me, the best chocolate choice is Hershey Bars. I also feel like the best marshmallows are jumbo style Kraft Jet Puffed.

Making S’mores one at a time is fun but, what if you could make a batch at the same time? Here is a way to use a Dutch Oven to make a S’more Cake quickly and together.

This recipe may take just 10 minutes or less. It depends upon the heat of your fire or coals. You could bake them in the oven, but what is the fun in that.

Start with a campfire style Dutch Oven. I add some baking spray to keep everything from sticking. I have also seen folks use baking parchment paper to line the oven, like a coffee filter. I have also used aluminum foil to make clean up easier.

It usually takes a half dozen plain Hershey Bars of chocolate, 2 pkgs. Of Graham crackers squares, and ½ pkg. of Jumbo marshmallows.

You can use variations of Marshmallows. They come in flavors, colors, and sizes. The coconut toasted mallows are pretty good. Strawberry marshmallows are also tasty. You can even add some fresh sliced berries to the mix. Just saying.

 To make the S’more cake, start with a premade Angel Food cake. Tear it into pieces and place in the Dutch Oven. Now break the Graham crackers into pieces and place on top the Angel Food cake.

Now layer the Hershey bars on top. I break them into the pre-molded bite sized pieces. Cover the layers of S’more goodies with Marshmallows.

To cook these outside, you can use a campfire, charcoal briquettes or a propane grill. Each has its own temperature and timing.

For a campfire, use a shovel to make a bed of coals, along the side of the fire. Place the covered Dutch Oven on the coals. Now add a scoop or two of hot coals to the top. If you are using charcoal briquets, place 8-10 under and 12 or so on the top. If you are cooking on a hot grill, close the lid.

The heat you are looking for is around 350 degrees. You want a perfectly melted and brown marshmallow layer. This requires that you open the oven lid and check the S’mores every 5 minutes. You want to avoid burning.

You can also add some whip or a fun caramel, or Hershey syrup drizzle over top. Serve in a bowl, maybe an ice cream cone, or… Be creative and have fun.

You will know that you made them right if everyone wants S’more!

Montana Grant