By Montana Grant

Posted: September 26, 2021


Hunting is hard. Bowhunting is harder. Hunting with a Baby in a stroller is Damn Hard! Some hunters would consider hunting with a 6-month-old crazy, others would say, life doesn’t stop when you become parents.

Lucas and Alishia Zemlicka are not your average parents. They dedicate their lives to healthy lifestyles, exercise, and outdoor sports. They say that a couple that hunts together, stays together. Both cross fit trainers are fit, fun, and full of energy. No mountain is too high, valley too low, or obstacle too challenging. Then, along came Payten. This beautiful little bundle of joy requires attention, support, and love. So, let’s take her hunting!

Hunting brings out the best in a couple. As a parent, why would you want to not share what you love with them? Most hunters know that if you want to really test a relationship, take your wife, or girlfriend, fishing, or hunting. You will discover compatibility real fast.

If the rifle, rod, or recoil fits, them it is meant to be. This common ground is a bond in this relationship. Oh, and the kid will be a hunter too!

So, it is archery elk season, and we have a 6-month-old little girl. Now some hunters would say, “Looks like this season will be a wash. I have to take care of my wife and new baby.” Some Mothers would say thank you for your unselfish sacrifice. Not Alishia! She says, grab the stroller, we’re going hunting!

Now if my wife said that 40 years ago, when my kids were in the mix, we would have had to use a wagon, Hot Wheels, or a 4 wheeled terrible, wobbly, stroller, with no drink holders. Baby gear has come a long way. Alishia has a space age light, and fancy, 3 wheeled roller stroller that has drink holders and an awning! God bless my wife but hunting, really? Parents today have no excuses.

Hunting camp is even harder with a 6-month-old hunting buddy. Being up half the night, with a crying baby is hard, being in a campsite is harder. Safety, health, warmth, and love are all important. The hunting alarm goes off at 4:30 am, you snooze, you lose.

Modern strollers are designed for off roading. The 3-wheel concept offers lots of mobility. Strap in the Baby and let’s hit the hills.

Each hunter took turns watching Payten and calling elk. Lucas struck first with a great bull. Imagine bringing home the bacon while your wife is strollering a 6-month-old behind you! OMG, how cool is that?

So, the Bull is down, the elk is quartered and its time to hike out. Alishia is pushing the stroller and packing out a quarter at the same time. Wonder Woman lives! Can we clone this woman? That’s what I call a Hunting Buddy. So, what I want to see is the bull that Alishia tags.

Great parents don’t put life on hold until their kids grow up, they go for the gusto! This baby has Backstraps!

Montana Grant

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