By Montana Grant

Posted: September 2, 2021

MTFWP recently reported a vandalism incident at the Giant Springs fish hatchery in Great Falls.

Sometime after sunset, on August 22, a person/s, climbed the chain link security fence and attacked the largest trout, in the circular display pond.

These aged trout were over 5-6 years old and used as a display for guests and tourists. Apparently, a knife was used to slash and stab dozens of trout. 6 Monster trout were killed. Others are injured and display their wounds.

The MTFWP is asking for help in identifying the culprits. Please call 1-800-tipmont if you have or hear any information.

The Hatchery does have security cameras and other kinds of protections but will add more and create additional levels of security.

This incident reminds me of when young Vandals rode 4 wheelers into the Federal Trout Hatchery at Ennis and used garden tools to kill and injure the large trout used for breeding. Video and tips ultimately identified the culprits.

Montana Grant