By Montana Grant

Posted: October 30, 2021


You can’t get hunting and fishing seasons back. Life does not get longer. Each day is one less. This sounds harsh but is true. We all need to remember this the next time we get angry, mean, or when age and injuries prevent us from living our dreams.

Currently, I am fighting back issues. I never fell or was injured, I just got old. Arthritis and gravity have caused Stenosis in my lower back. The only fix is surgery. Perhaps a spinal fusion or a laminectomy. Either one upsets me. I have been blessed with a great body and health until now.

Our health system is a nightmare to navigate. It takes forever to get approval, tests, shots, appointments, and fixed. If I was a politician or athlete, the issue would have been resolved quickly. As an average Joe, it takes forever.

Hopefully, I will get some pain relief surgery soon. It’s been nearly 2 years. There are plenty of excuses. Covid, busy health care workers, remote living, … Whatever the excuse, the pain continues, and I will never get the hunting and fishing seasons back. You know life sucks when it is difficult to pick up your grandchild.

For those new hunters and lifelong hunters enjoying this new season, please take me along in your thoughts. I have a new German Shorthaired Pointer, rifle, and mindset that needs attention. Sadly, I can’t give it to them. This fall is another lost season.

Normally, My Montana Grant stories and lessons are more current. Lately, they tend to be more historical. My freezer is as empty as my rifle and bow.

When I get the green light to get fixed and active, watch out. You tend to not appreciate things until you can’t do them. I already have a workout plan and several adventures to pursue.

We do not get younger!

Montana Grant