First Archery Buck Down!
By angelamontana

Posted: October 6, 2021

Jackie Weidow is no stranger to successful hunting, as she has been hunting forever with her family, but today’s hunt gave her a huge reason to celebrate.  She took her new bow out with her son and her dad, Jerry Doyle, and tagged her very first archery buck!  On top of that, two weeks ago, Jackie had hip surgery, AND she recently tested positive for Covid.  Talk about overcoming obstacles to fill the freezer.

Here is what she exclaimed on social media:

I finally did it! It might not be huge but it’s a trophy for me! Finally got a buck with my bow! I did it! I held out and shot a buck and not a doe!

She went on to state how blessed she was to have been able to do this with her son and dad.

To be able to accomplish this is beyond exciting, and we congratulate you, Jackie!  Way to go!


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