By Montana Grant

Posted: October 21, 2021


The Dept. of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks is restructuring their organization and leadership. This will include hiring additional upper management positions.

The Director, Hank Worsech is pushing for the changes. The new FWP Parks and Recreation division, under Hope Stockwell, will now include site maintenance for fishing access and wildlife management areas.

The FWP has around 725 employees currently. Main headquarters are in Helena. There are also 7 regional offices scattered across the state.

Reorganization will hopefully make issues more streamlined and efficient. This new plan not only addresses hunting and fishing, but all outdoor recreation needs. Currently, different agencies have separate sets of gear and equipment. The equipment inventory will now be shared. If Fisheries has a backhoe, wildlife, and recreation will now share it rather than have 3 separate units.

Decisions will be made together to ensure a quality, joint outcome. In this way, maintenance can work with the Biologists and other staffs to keep all in the loop. This should also save money.

This will support the mantra “We are one agency!”

Montana Grant

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