By Montana Grant

Posted: October 14, 2021

Not all the Biggest Bull Elk live in Montana. Central Pennsylvania is the home of a new PA. record bull elk.

Duane Kramer, from Bellingham, Washington, won a PA elk tag in a raffle. The Keystone Elk Country Alliance was doing their annual fund raiser and Kramer won the raffle. What luck!  This coast-to-coast hunt would turn out to be better than expected. In 2020, Duane was on the hunt.

The guided hunt took place north of Altoona. The guide had kept tabs on this massive bull for months. The first day of this rifle hunt offered an opportunity for a nice bull, but not Mr. Big. On the second day, the plan came together, and Duane pulled the trigger on a 70-yard shot. His 7mm Dakota rifle loaded with 180 grains of Berger bullet, hit the target.

This massive bull scored 455. This is the 6th largest bull elk ever! It is also the biggest recorded elk in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has reintroduced elk into their state and has a regulated annual hunt. The new herd is healthy and growing. This growing herd is in 4 central PA. counties.

Bugle Baby!

Montana Grant