By Montana Grant

Posted: November 11, 2021

Few families are bigger hunters than the Stovall’s, of Bozeman, Montana. The traditions and heritage of hunting and fishing are rooted deep in their DNA. Fall is time to shop afield to fill their freezers.

Last year Kirk, aka “Shrapnel”, and I hunted and filled his once in a lifetime moose tag. We hunted in Hemingway country and tagged the 2nd largest Bull Moose ever shot in Montana. As the matriarch of his family, Kirk enjoys hunting with his sons and friends. “You never get to enjoy too many sunrises and sunsets!” His use of vintage weapons is surpassed only by his accuracy. Kirk is truly an experienced and ethical sportsman.

This hunting season continues to be a success. Dad tagged his bull elk near Dillon during the first week of the season. The first weekend of November was a successful hunt for his son Jesse. A great bull tagged near the Bridgers.

Shrapnel fills the family freezers and shares meat with friends. This is true hunters used to be. When a hunter brought meat back to the settlement or village, everyone shared in the bounty. Hunters fed the village.

Montana is an amazing place to hunt. Sadly, finding places to hunt successfully is harder. Private land, no trespassing, outfitters, and leases complicate and block access that was once available. Public land is hunted hard, and it requires aggressive, healthy hunters to be successful.

The other day, Kirk stopped by to take me out. Currently, I am unable to hunt due to a back issue that only surgery will fix. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later. From the waist up, I am great, but walking is a challenge. We looked for deer, elk, and huns. Kirk has permission on property I once had the privilege to hunt. We shared old and new stories and explored the land. We never pulled the trigger but had a great hunt.

Hunting is about searching. We all search for big game, birds, and friends. During my last hunt, I tagged out!

Montana Grant