2 Minnesota snowmobilers die in avalanche near Cooke City
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: December 29, 2021
On 12/27/21 Park County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue members in Cooke City received a report of an avalanche on Scotch Bonnet Mountain that possibly buried two snowmobilers. SAR personnel responded to the scene and located two individuals that were deceased. The party of 8 were snowmobiling on Scotch Bonnet when one individual became stuck. A second individual attempted to assist when a large avalanche occurred and buried them both. The others in the party located the two that were buried and attempted life saving measures. Both individuals were from Minnesota.
Also on 12/27, a report was made of two snowmobilers, also from Minnesota, that were overdue into Cooke City. A SAR hasty team responded late last night, but were unable to locate. A larger coordinated search was conducted today, and both snowmobilers were located after unintentionally spending the night out last night.
Please remember to always check the avalanche report and assess current local conditions before riding in avalanche terrain.
~Cpt. Tad Dykstra